Marcia Knoll

Picture of Marcia Knoll

Associate Professor of Administration and Supervision

Dr. Knoll is a career educator who has served in many educational roles. She has served as a teacher and administrator in the New York City Public Schools, and then Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services in the Valley Stream Central High School district on Long Island. She has had extensive experience in gifted education, having designed and implemented programs for the gifted in the public sector and for St. John’s University. Dr. Knoll completed her Bachelors and Masters degrees from Brooklyn College and an advanced certificate and doctorate from St. John’s University.

She has had a variety of opportunities to serve, guide, and influence the educational community in New York State, across the nation and around the world as president of international Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), and as a member of the Board of Examiners and the Governing Board for the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education Institutions (NCATE).

Dr. Knoll has been recognized and honored by the educational community, and is the recipient of numerous awards and citations, including a tribute read into the Congressional Record of the 99th Congress of the U.S. She has been honored as Educator of the Year for N. Y. S. and N. Y. C. ASCD, and the St. John’s Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa.


Professor Knoll is program coordinator for the Administration and Supervision Program. She teaches courses within the program in the areas of supervision for the improvement of instruction, using data to design and develop curriculum, and leadership at the building and district levels.

She has conducted workshops on the improvement of instruction, such as peer coaching, the “walk-through,” and reflective conferencing, for New York City educators and districts across the country. She has presented at numerous conferences and has frequently been a grant recipient.


Dr. Knoll is the author of: Administrator’s Guide to Student Achievement and Higher Test Scores (Josey-Bass Wiley, 2002), Supervision for Better Instruction (Prentice Hall, 1987), Elementary Principal’s Survival Guide (Prentice Hall, 1984), as well as chapters in several books and over fifteen articles.

Her main research interests relate to viewing supervision through a broad lens that includes a variety of ways of improving instructional performance and thereby student achievement and the impact that school climate can have on school effectiveness.