Janet Patti

Professor of Administration and Supervision; Department of Curriculum and Teaching


Janet Patti is an internationally recognized educator and author in the field of social and emotional learning and educational leadership. Prior to her university experience, Dr. Patti spent 25 years in K-12 public schools as a teacher, administrator, and school guidance counselor in New York and California. She holds an Ed.D in Educational Leadership from the University of Northern Arizona (1996) and a Masters Degree in Bilingual Education (1978) from Hunter College of the City of New York.

Dr. Patti is a founding member of the Leadership Team of the Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and Executive Board Member of the New York State Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. Dr. Patti is also a member of the Consortium for Research in Emotional Intelligence in Organizations.


Dr. Patti has been teaching in the Administration and Supervision Program at Hunter College since 1997, where she has taught most courses that prepare students for New York State certification as a School Based Leader. Dr. Patti has concentrated her teaching on the human dimension of leadership, preparing aspiring leaders to be able to meet the challenges presented in today’s schools. Currently, she is teaching the course titled ADSUP 704, Leadership for Human Resources. She also prepares students for the internship class in which students demonstrate their ability to meet leadership standards for New York State.


Presently, Janet’s scholarship and research is focused on assessing and developing the organizational effectiveness of schools. Dr. Patti works with the leadership of a school to assess school climate, enhance leadership skills, and promote a healthy school culture that supports student learning. Development of the social and emotional competencies of both adults and young people is at the core of her work.

Dr. Patti has authored numerous articles and chapters in the fields of education leadership, conflict resolution and social and emotional learning. She is the co-author of Smart School Leaders: Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Waging Peace in Our Schools. She is also the co-creator of the coaching model for educational leaders called The Star Factor Coaching Model. Currently, she is developing with her colleagues, a model for team development for school leaders. She is also working with the Health, Emotion and Behavior Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at Yale University to develop and research a model for coaching teachers in emotional literacy with the intention of improving job satisfaction and performance.