Calliope Haritos

Associate Professor of Educational Foundations, Department of Educational Foundations and Counseling

Dr. Haritos is a Developmental Psychologist. A native New Yorker, Dr. Haritos completed her undergraduate education at Barnard College, Columbia University where she majored in Psychology, and continued her Masters Course of Study, also in Developmental Psychology, at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. She received her Doctoral Training at the CUNY Graduate Center, where she acquired her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology.


Dr. Haritos has used her training as a Developmental Psychologist to help teacher candidates understand the role of developmental theory as it pertains to learning and behavior. More specifically, her emphasis has been on helping students understand the relationship between physical, cognitive, and social aspects of development, and the role of the environment, with respect to child and adolescent behavioral and academic development in the classroom. Dr. Haritos teaches graduate courses in research as well as undergraduate and graduate courses in both child and adolescent development.


As a researcher, Dr. Haritos has investigated a variety of content areas, resulting in publications that have examined bilingualism and memory, teacher candidate development, and the cognitive and social interface between thinking, remembering, hearing, and speaking, and the role of one’s language(s) and one’s culture in this regard. She has presented her research both nationally, at conferences in Washington DC, New York, New Mexico, Hawaii, and New Orleans, as well as internationally, in Spain, Germany, and Canada.