Anne M. Ediger

Picture of Anne M. Ediger

Professor of TESOL and Applied Linguistics
  • Ph.D., Applied Linguistics, 1995
    UCLA, Department of Applied Linguistics, Los Angeles, CA
  • M.A., Linguistics, with emphases in TESOL and Sociolinguistics, 1982
    University of Kansas, Department of Linguistics, Lawrence, Kansas
  • Research Fellow in Japanese Linguistics, 1979-1980
    Japanese Ministry of Education (Mombusho) Research Fellowship, Tsukuba University, Ibaraki, Japan
  • Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude, 1975
    Bethel College, N. Newton, Kansas
    Major: German; Secondary Education Teaching Credential in Language Arts & German
  • LING 703 Analysis & Structure of English I
  • LING 704 Analysis & Structure of English II
  • EDESL 704 Advanced English Grammar
  • EDESL 702 Teaching Vocabulary in ESL
  • EDESL 760 Master’s Essay (thesis)
  • Supervised student teaching & practicum (EDESL 785 & 788).

My research interests include English grammar and vocabulary analysis (corpus-based), second language reading and writing, teachers’ knowledge of grammar and language in content-based instruction, and teachers’ use of that knowledge in the design of instruction and feedback on errors.


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Principal Investigator, SPELL Program Grant, Workforce Investment Act/New York State Education Department Office of P-12 Education and Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services and Adult Literacy Program/NYC Office of the Mayor (2013-2018 & 2018-2023), Approx. $168,000/year (funded).

Co-Author & Project Associate, with D. Steiner & C. Asher; Hunter College/Sydney E. Frank Clinical Experiences Improvement Grant. Frankfort/Rockefeller Foundation Grant for developing the supervision of teachers, 2009-2010, Funded, $300,000.

Project Associate; New York State Education Department/Dwight David Eisenhower Grant, for work with the Hunter College/District 4 PDS Project (Funded: $83,000) and the New York Consortium for Professional Development Project (Funded: $29,000) (with W. Rosenthal, D. Eldridge, and S. Marsa), Spring 2002